McDonald’s campaign gone wrong (#McFail)

McDonald’s last week launched a campaign using the hashtag #McDStories, although the PR stunt is now more-commonly known as #McFail.

The idea of the campaign was to use #McDStories to tweet story’s about their relationship with organic potato farmers and to try hitch a ride on the good nature of organic food usage.

People do not generally associate the differences between “organic” and “fast food”.

The campaign itself backfired, as Twitter uses started using the hashtag #McDStories to slate McDonalds with highlighting certain thing’s they found wrong with McDonalds.

McDonalds failed to keep on top of everything with not getting back in touch with users quickly and dealing with negative feedback, which can escalate as it happened in this case, and in a previous Twitter fail I mentioned in “Qantas Twitter Content, Gone Wrong?“.


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